Upcoming Events: Open Sparring Seminar

When: Sunday 28 September, 10am to 2pm


   5680 San Pablo Ave.
   Oakland, CA

Cost: $65
Contact: oaklandeskrima@gmail.com, (510) 393 8928
  • For sports sparring, learn how to disarm better and then try it out.
  • Try your hand at sparring with stick & dagger!
  • For combat, improve your footwork & fine-tune your disarms
  • This training day will be a good time for beginners and veterans.
  • Please have your own gear. Sparring stick with no skin.
Rules of the day:
  • Control sparring
  • Focus on your techniques
  • Targets include legs
  • Thrusts allowed
  • Butt strikes allowed
  • No kicking
  • Modified NARAPHIL rules

What We Do

  • Stick and Baton training: how to use a blunt weapon to strike, grapple with, lock, and throw an opponent

  • Armed and unarmed defenses against a blunt weapon

  • Knife fighting: use of edged weapons. Armed and unarmed defenses against a knife or sword

  • Groundfighting

  • Firearm disarms
       For examples, see our video instruction page.

Sunday classes are held 10AM - 12PM, Wednesday classes at 6:30PM - 8:00PM at:

   5680 San Pablo Ave.
   Oakland, CA

(near the corner of San Pablo and Powell St., at the Oakland/Emeryville Border). Fees are $125/month.